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The New Face of Commercial Properties in Calicut

From ancient times itself, the City of Spices was one of the golden destinations for many merchants across the world. The Arabs came crossing the seven seas, passing all those dangers from the 7th century. Kozhikode is still thriving with the same liveliness as of the 7th century. The only difference is that the trade partners of Calicut are now distributed across this world. Now industries are rising up rapidly & Calicut is booming with business which leads to the role of Landmark Builders in Calicut. Numerous commercial business space is rising in Calicut to utilize the opportunities in the city.

Boosting the Business in Calicut

Landmark Centrio is going to be the new face of Corporate in Calicut as one of the most valuable & profitable commercial properties in Calicut. With Amenities like never before in any commercial building space, Landmark Centrio is going to make your employees fall in love with their offices, with a rooftop party area, an Automated multi-level parking area, and many more architectural marvels that would make the perfect workspace in Calicut. Without a doubt, Centrio will be the commercial hub of Kozhikode, where the business will be booming. The creative architecture of Landmark builders will also be explicit in its other new upcoming projects of trade centers and residential towers sharing the same plot, which would completely transform the work-life of people living in the city.

Giant projects of Landmarks are coming up in Calicut which would entirely change the face value of this city. A Paradise brimming with commercial building spaces, amusement parks, malls, and residential space called Landmark Entertainment City, a place built for happiness. So, join hands with Landmark builders for the best commercial business space in Calicut.

We are going to revolutionize the way people do business in Calicut, bringing in the most efficient and employee-customer friendly environment in our buildings.  Never before seen amenities, state of the art architecture, classy design, and every essential component that commercial properties in Calicut never had. This booming market has never let down anyone, and commercial property in Calicut today will have a good percentage of appreciation in the future. An exponential increase in business, better value in the future, and great potential, Calicut is a promising city of opportunities that was voted to be the best place for real estate business 2018. And Landmark Builders builds the best promising properties around this great city. We have the artists among the architects, the creators among the makers, and when we make a promise, that means a bright future for every client who places their confidence upon us.