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The Updated Contemporary Designs for your Home

Best Contemporary Designs for your Home

Start to update your home with the latest contemporary designs for your home. The conventional style of homes built with walls covering every place, doors and small windows which usually remained closed would feel like it might suffocate us. Small cubicles of boundaries separating everything in between. The design, especially the interior designs of your and exterior as well are fundamental. The interior design and spaces are what really makes you feel at home. The shapes of the areas inside the new homes are changing. New elements are being added to the designs in contemporary homes. Let us see all the latest styles in which interiors are shaped to in fun-filled homes as we see it today.

Here are the Latest and Attractive Contemporary Designs for your Home

Open Kitchen Design

An open kitchen adjoining to the dining room is a trending design. It is an increasingly seen design in homes in today’s architectural design, we can even say trending in some ways. These designs are thriving in the new homes, where you get direct access to the dining hall from the kitchen itself. People in the kitchen can interact with others in the hallway easily now.

So this is a piece of happy news for every housewife who feels left out in the kitchen due to a very thick wall. There are a great many advantages rather than talking to people outside. The perception of builders and clients are changing. Folks prefer open spaces than an enclosed area in their home nowadays, and it makes your rooms more spacious and bright. When all the guests come to your home, it won’t be difficult for you to pass along the many dishes you made for your special guests.

You can find many variants that can be related to an open kitchen model. Instead of a completely open one, you can see a small rectangular frame of the opening in the kitchen wall to the dining wall. These are added in families who believe in Vastu Shastra. So open kitchen is possible in different ways as you can fit the design per your ideas or needs. But anyway, it is a very excellent design you can add to your home. You can do it during the renovation of your home if necessary. It would also be a more natural way to show off your beautiful kitchen to your house guests.

Nalukettu Interior

Old is gold, and nowadays the old Nalukettu designs are seen in Kerala in a contemporary way. Nalukettu interior design is an idea of having a courtyard inside the home. These designs are generally seen in olden times of Kerala. The design is exquisite and beautiful, with the number of pillars around the courtyard. The pillars are decorated in a traditional manner or woodworks.

The courtyard in the middle of the court can be decorated, maybe with a small pool, a traditional plant, or in any other elegant ways that suit you. The cost of building this model of home is supposed to be very costly with a lot of space taken by the corridors along the four sides of the house. But a well-finished Nalukettu would be a treat to your eyes as the elegance of the old design will never fade away.

Intentionally Small Living Spaces

An intentionally small studio apartment is rampant in the city. If you single and in the beginning stage of your career, then a tiny studio apartment is really going to suit you. It is cosy, affordable, and enough if you are living alone. It will provide the privacy you need. The idea of having your kitchen, bedroom and study in a single space might hit you as messy. But if you are disciplined and plan to live alone, the scope of a studio apartment would be more than enough for you.

Minimum living or simple lifestyle individuals choose studio apartment nowadays. The populaces following this lifestyle are attracted to the studio apartments. If you are a person who tends to buy out a lot of stuff, then this type of residence will not suit you. Your study just beside your bed and a coffee maker near it, all the settings would be very cosy for you. If you are studying along with working, then there is no cosier space than a beautifully ordered, simple and disciplined studio apartment.

A Small Study

Are you a reader? Then you would need a library in your room. Not a big shelf in a large room, if that’s what you imagined, then It would be counterproductive. If you are not academia or any other kind of person who reads lots and lots of book, you would be fine with a small one. We are talking about a small corner room in the home with large windows for lights to enter. A small shelf filled with your books and maybe a gramophone if you would like to listen to music while you read.

Reading in the rays of soft sunshine is so refreshing and reading in your own cosy library at your home is the best feeling. You can do your learning or practising of your artwork in the study. There are many methods that you can use to make it soundproof so that you can enjoy your quiet evening leisure in your home peacefully.

A Small Theatre

If you are a movie buff and you want to watch your movies in peace with every ounce of entertainment from it, then built your own movie theatre in your home. While you renovate your home or building a new home, include some space for your theatre. It could be small or big according to your needs. A small rectangular room would be perfect, which has sound-absorbing materials. If there are windows, you should close down the windows with some dark curtains. Place the Home Theater and surrounding speakers according to the design and construct a perfect miniature theatre in your home.

You would require some investment to build your theatre. Setting the room would be easy, but buying the hardware would be costly. If you already have the perfect equipment, then all you need is to set the space in your home. Enjoy every favourite movie with its full elegance inside your home. Also, give importance to renovate walls of the living room. All you have to do is work a little to have this long term experience.