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Cleaning Tips for Keeping You Safe from Coronavirus

Tips to Stay Safe From COVID-19

Keep your apartments and households clean, as not just cleanliness is required, but sanitization and disinfection of your environment is needed. The monsoon would be starting soon. Therefore, we must maintain this cleanliness because other sickness and diseases may also spread at this time. During this medical emergency, it would be difficult for us to hospital care for such conditions. So, our goal here is not only to stop Corona Virus but also other severe and infectious diseases and spend our time away from medical treatment. Follow the recommended cleaning guidelines to ensure efficient and effective cleaning. Learn how to stay safe from the coronavirus.

stay safe from the coronavirus

The current instruction from the Health Experts is to clean and maintain social distancing. So, the critical question that needs to be answered is “how to clean?”.

We know what we should protect our families from, but we don’t know-how. These can be stressful times. So here is some information compiled which would help you to deep clean your apartment and help your stay safe from Corona.

Check these Important Tips:

The Cleaning Supplies

We must purchase the supplies that are right for cleaning. If we get that wrong, then our whole efforts would go to waste. But don’t worry, we already have a list that was recommended by the Environment Protection Agency to help us fight Corona.

Disinfectant Wipes & Sprays

Choose your disinfectant wipes and sprays carefully. The primary factor that you should check is for the alcohol content here. Remember, the alcohol content is good in this context. The more there is alcohol content, the better. The wipes should contain at least 70% alcohol in them.


Bleach is another significant cleaning supply. It should be known to you that this product should not be mixed with any other content other than water. Thoroughly clean your sinks, tile floors, toilets, and toys with the help of bleach. Make sure that you wear masks and gloves while you are working with bleach. Also, it should be used in a well-ventilated atmosphere, else if the area is enclosed with little ventilation, then open the doors and windows for proper airflow in the space.

Soap & Hot Water

Soap and hot water are good supplies to get rid of Coronavirus from your home. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended the use of alcohol-based products to clean your homes. But people who do not have such supplies at their home, or those who ran out of supplies, don’t be stressed as soap and water would also work.

The Difference Between Cleaning & Disinfecting

Cleaning can be determined as a process in which objects that cluttered space are removed a cleaned. But cleaning is not the same as disinfecting. Cleaning may kill the germs, but it fails to remove deadly pathogens in your system. To remove all the disease filing pathogens from your home, disinfecting is the dominant process. For the best results, use the combination of both. It is better to clean before disinfecting.

Wash Your Hands Frequently

This might be the most common thing you have heard post Coronavirus. But this simple step has the power to keep COVID-19 at bay. The strict mode of communication the pandemic is still unknown, but we know that the virus can stay alive on surfaces and can travel through the air for a distance. As our hands are always in contact with objects, it is essential you wash your hands frequently. Thus, it is clear that this simple step has a severe impact on our life. So, don’t forget to follow it.

Clean Your Household Items

Pre-COVID, people used to clean their apartment frequently by various means, sweeping, mopping and vacuuming are the conventional means used by the people. Until now, these processes were enough but not anymore. The objects that are used daily should also be cleaned by the apartments. Here is a list of household objects that need to be wiped down:

Phone & Tablets

The smart devices in your pockets might be the source of entertainment for a lot of people out there. It helps you stay connected to your loved ones, open a lot of doors to various means of entertainment. Thus, the point is, you pick it up several times a day. It would be useless to wash your hands to pick up your hone, as the place we keep it might be less than sanitary. So, these are the first set of objects that needs to be wiped down frequently

Remotes, Gaming consoles, Keyboards

There are specific sanitizers to keep it clean. Therefore, it is our duty to wipe them down frequently before using. These devices have gaps, corners for the pathogens to settle. Consequently, it should be wiped thoroughly.

Doorknobs, Toilet handles, and Light Switches

The contact points in your home is really exposed to the situation. Not only the above-mentioned contact points, if there are others in your homes, then make sure you disinfect these contact surfaces with great care.


Laundry may be the cleanest of all activities mentioned above. Still, there is a need for precaution in this activity too. You should be wearing disposable gloves while you do the laundry. The dirty clothes are another breeding place for pathogens.

These are the important things that should be followed without any fail. There might be private spaces, unique objects that might be particular to your home. We hope you will apply the same logic that was used here to clean them too. Lastly, Stay Home, Stay Clean, and Stay Safe.

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