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6 Tips to Working from Home

Right Way of Work from Home During Lockdown

The routine we have been adhering for some time has been disrupted by the Coronavirus. This led to the most unwelcomed situation in our life, The Great Lockdown. Most of the nations across the world are in lockdown, and the new normal for the past month for the majority of the employees are Work from Home. Our home, normally the space for our relaxation, is now the place for work as work from home is the new norm. As the new normalization hit us suddenly, we had very little time to prepare ourselves for this schedule. So here are some tips from Landmark builders, one of the best builders in Calicut, to adjust with Work from Home during this lockdown.

Learn the Best Work from Home Tips for Lockdown

Pick a Room for Office

There are a lot of distractions in your home. As the home office blends in quickly, you might find yourself finishing an important work in the living room in Infront of the television in between highly talkative family members. These things not just affect the quality of your work, but also the quantity. You might have to take up extra hours to finish the job. Such small careless mistakes may come back to haunt you later. Therefore, it’s important to focus and important to have your own room. The relaxing environment and working environment should be different as it will help to stimulate you.

Room for Office

Even if you are working from home, the quality of your work should not go down as this might help to bring work perks in the future. So, it is important to have that physical distinction between paces in your home. Also, make sure to put adequate resources for your room like a good internet connection, a work table, a comfortable chair, and other requirements that your work requires. It would be good if you have access to natural lighting from this room and good ventilation as it provides you a good mood to work.

Stick to your Working Hours

This is connected to our earlier tip. If you are not utilizing your time properly, then you might have to work for a longer period. There is a significant rise in productivity as you work from home. It has its positive factors, but one other thing is that you might be working overtime. The routine, as it falls apart, affects your life.

Working Hours

One day you will sleep late due to work, and the next day you wake up late. You start checking your emails from your bed as you wake and begin to fall asleep as you work at night. This can become a frustrating phase where you will be spending most of the time in front of your work station, even if you don’t want to. Therefore, it is important to stick to your work hours every day, and when an inconvenience comes, try to fix it and go back to your routine.

Have Work Clothes and Home Clothes

Replicate the feeling that you are in office by having a distinctive dress for your home time and office time. It doesn’t have to formal clothing but not be too comfortable clothing either. Wear something comfortable and casual in your home. It will help to stimulate you.

Office Dress Code

Other things such as shaving, putting on some makeup, wearing a watch can also bring such stimuli during your work from the home period. These small activities can bring in more motivation to work effectively from your home.

Exciting Weekends

As we are not leaving home, the lines between working and not working start to blur. The difference between weekdays and weekends will start to get uncanny. Therefore, for a productive weekday, you must have a productive weekend. Do something energetic and exciting with your families like family games, or delicious recipe cooking. This will help you form a distinctive mood for a workweek and weekend. Energize for the work week ahead.

Exciting Weekends

Preparing for a day of work after shaving, taking a bath, and putting on new comfortable casual clothes can help you to have a good start on a workday. It will be more productive if you wear a watch as it brings in more efficiency during your work hours.

Set Up a Commute

The most important transition from your home life to work life is the commute. We travel a distance to reach our office from home. The lockdown has the ability to make you stationary for the long hours of your day. This habit will be counterproductive if you want to enjoy the extra hours you get due to work from home.

Therefore, it is important you find time and space to move around or do some job. Take some time to walk around the garden of your home. If that’s not possible as there is a strict lockdown, then try taking up some household chores.

Stay Positive

The most important part of the work from the home schedule of your life during the lockdown is to stay positive. Don’t always go to the news channel as they might exaggerate. Just take the morning time to update on the COVID 19. Use reliable sources like the WHO site to get your information. Don’t go after any tweets or news from the social media platform. Be optimistic and stay strong as this, too, shall pass!

Stay Positive

So, adhere to our tips and share more hacks that you use every day in your Lockdown period. These are just some methods to stop you from burning out during the work from home situation. Take away the negative thoughts and negative people at the moment and prepare for the bright future ahead of you. If there are people who are not working, then utilize this to learn and prepare for your future. What you have now is valuable; you have got a great deal of time. Use it well.

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