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Advantages of Apartment Living

10 Advantages of Apartment Living in Calicut

Top 10 Benefits of Apartment Living in Calicut

“Home is where the heart is”. Choosing the best location for your home is essential for a happy living for a lifetime. Calicut, the gem of Kerala is having core rank in the real estate sector. The development of IT hubs, shopping complexes, entertainment spots, educational sectors, townships and further has led to more demand. With the expanding demand for the apartments and flats in Calicut, the apartment units are also developing. When it comes to the advantages of Apartment Living in Calicut, here are some of the advantages.

These are the Main advantages of Apartment Living

1. Security

The first and foremost choice of every home buyer is the security of the family. The location of the apartment or flat you are going to buy must be considered before finalizing the buy. The main advantage of apartments in Calicut is they provide high security to all its residents. The apartments have many units in each block which ensure adequate security to the people residing in Apartments. A housing society is well-protected and guarded round the clock and has state-of-the-art security systems and a lot of families around, which means the probability of something untoward happening is low. Living independently means investing in security from your own pocket.

Most of the apartments are built in lonely areas or away from the city, some are built in the heart of the city. Before choosing the apartment, make sure that you can ensure a long stay in your dream apartment.

2. Amenities

While it makes it extremely expensive to have your own swimming pool, gym or park in your private home, living in an apartment will give you access to all these amenities quite naturally. You will not have to spend any extra money and within the comforts of your territory, you will be able to enjoy your leisure time. One of the major perks of apartment living is the common area facilities that most buildings include; pools, barbeque and seating areas, sun-drenched decks perfect for entertaining or relaxing.

Apartment amenities include features of a building that you wouldn’t expect to find everywhere. The more amenities a building has, the more likely it will gain a competitive edge in attracting prospective tenants.

a. Power backup

This is non-negotiable, especially if you live in a city known for frequent power outages. Some localities are prone to power cuts, you should ensure that the home you are buying comes with power backup.

b. Lifts

With space becoming scarce in cities, high-rise apartments are common. Providing lifts in apartment blocks is a necessity. If it is a large apartment complex, ensure there is more than one lift and that they have power backup as well.

c. Water supply

Water scarcity is becoming more prevalent in metropolitan cities. You can avoid future hassles by checking if there is a 24/7 water supply in the apartment block. You could also take extra care to check the quality of water received.

d. Security services

Basic security provisions are a must in every apartment block. Regardless of whether it is round-the-clock security personnel or automated security devices, an unsecured apartment block is a bad choice for investment.

e. Parking space

This one is pretty high on apartment buyers’ lists of requirements. Buying a home that does not come with parking space results in years of hassles with respect to finding parking space. Remember, covered spaces are ideal.

f. Recreational facilities

As requirements of urban dwellers increase, apartments must necessarily offer recreational facilities within premises. This could include a play area for kids, gymnasiums, swimming pools or tennis courts. Adequate maintenance of these facilities is also an important factor to look for.

g. Access to common spaces

As an apartment owner, you are entitled to have access to common spaces like a terrace, function halls and so on. Before agreeing to the purchase, seek to understand the terms of access to ensure you receive what is rightfully yours.

h. Waste disposal

It’s wise to check on waste disposal methods followed in your apartment complex. If your city has regulations with respect to segregation and disposal of waste, check if the apartment has a system to ensure the same is carried out.

3.Improved lifestyle

All of the amazing benefits of apartment living add up to increased lifestyle quality. Choosing an apartment is not a substitute or alternative to traditional house living, it is a conscious choice to improve your lifestyle quality and prioritize your time, which is the most precious commodity of all.

4. Maintenance

Cleaning the areas surrounding your house, the hallway, the stairs etc. is the trouble that living in apartments will not offer you. You will be able to live in a clean and well-maintained apartment complex that is not only beautiful but also worth living in. Forget spending your weekends cleaning out the gutters, weeding the garden or painting the house.  In an apartment, there is a body corporate who is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all exteriors and common areas so you can relax knowing you will arrive home to a building that looks as good as new, without you ever having to break a sweat.  The gardens and trees will always look lush even if you don’t have a green thumb and driveways and common areas will always be dirt and dust-free even if you don’t own a water blaster.

5. Budget

One of the biggest advantages of living in an apartment in Calicut is its low price. When it comes to investing in real estate, the budget is the main concern. Not everyone has a high budget to invest in a lavish villa or a private house. In fact, the large apartments with multiple bedrooms are also beyond the budget capacity of many buyers.

In that case, the smaller apartments are a great choice for them. The apartments come in different sizes and budgets. You can get the 1BHK or the 2BHK apartments for an affordable price in some of the prime locations in Calicut.

6. Community

Apartment living offers a lot more opportunity to get to know your neighbours; meeting them at the pool or running into them in the hallway or lift.  Many apartment buildings even hold residents functions so people can get to know each other better, building a strong sense of community.  It’s not only a child who needs a village, but people also need to have other people in their lives who will look out for them and take the time to share a friendly wave or chat.  People are becoming more isolated but living in an apartment gives you the advantage of the increased social opportunity.

Apartment living gives you the chances of being a part of a great friendly community, with who you can share your fun-filled times or even times of distress. In a modern and urban setting, where everyone is busy in a fast lifestyle, in rushing to the schools and offices or in extra-curricular activities, kids, as well as the elderly people, are getting less chance to make friends. The sense of community in a neighbourhood or the find the kids used to get with their friends after coming back from school is getting lost day by day.

7. Accessibility

Another of the many advantages of living in an apartment in Calicut is accessibility. While most of the amenities are included within the proximity of the apartment complex, the other facilities are more accessible from an apartment complex than from a location where there are only private houses and villas. Since the apartment complexes house many families and residents, the shopping malls, marketplaces, cinema halls, theatres etc. are built nearby. So, you have better access to these, if you live in apartments in Calicut. In fact, there are some builders, who are building their own activity complexes just adjacent to the residential complexes, so that the residents do not have to take long roads to find their destination.

8. Returns

If at any time, you wish to switch to a bigger apartment or even a villa, it is always easier to put the apartment on rent or even resell it. If the location is prime, you will get great returns. Just make sure that you are selling or renting the apartment, when there is a high need, to maximize the returns.

9. Efficiency

Living in an apartment transforms you into a master of efficient living and adopting the mantra ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’.  You will rationalize the number of possessions, keeping only what you really need.  A clean and decluttered living space has been proven to have many benefits for your general wellbeing, leaving you feeling lighter and more organized mentally.  You will also be able to reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint with an apartment much more cost and energy-efficient to heat and cool.

10. Location

Apartment buildings are typically built in urban areas, close to city-scale amenities such as parks, transport, shopping, dining and education facilities and is the ease of access to this infrastructure that is a major drawcard for apartment living.  You don’t need to have a big backyard that needs mowing on the weekend if you can easily walk to a dozen different parks or playgrounds.  You don’t even need to have a car if you can walk to work or to shops and restaurants and catch public transport everywhere else you need to go. Builders in Calicut provides you with the best and high standard residential and commercial spaces.

Now that you have known about the advantages of living in an apartment in Calicut, you need to find the best apartment options in the best locations. There are many upcoming projects as well as projects under construction that you can choose from.  Amenities impact the resale price, too. Prices of flats rise higher and faster given their limited number compared to independent houses which may not boast extra facilities that a housing society provides.

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