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Who We Are

Landmark Builders brings in the philosophy of Innovation, Sustainability, & Excellence to the real estate industry. Each Landmark development combines a 15 year legacy of excellence and trust. We are the ones who are building fantasies in the growing cities of Kerala, and we are committed to our passion as we are designing the future. We are one of the top names in the real estate industry due to the presence of our name in luxury apartments in Calicut, and elsewhere in the state.

The nest of luxury, serenity, and peace amidst the City of Spices have contributed a lot towards the increase in demand for the luxury apartments in Kozhikode. We are proud to be the face of the luxury flats in Calicut, through our innovative designs and mega architectural projects such as Landmark World, Village, and Maple. Our passionate projects in Calicut City paved the way and earned us the name as the best Builders in Calicut.

Our conquests in building architectural marvels are spanning across the state of Kerala. Besides creating beautiful apartments in Kozhikode & Kochi, Landmark finds it essential to turn up the commercial capacity of Calicut.

Centrio is the best example of the unique design among the commercial spaces in Calicut, which consists of premium spaces in the whole six storied building. Landmark builders are the catalysts that speed up the urbanization and commercialization of the Kozhikode city. We not only look for different novel ideas, but we construct it around for the betterment of Calicut, to make it the city of the Future. A Residential cum commercial area is under development with Luxury flats in Kozhikode along with office spaces right inside the same ground area. It would consist of Premium apartments in Calicut for residential purpose, office spaces innovatively designed for worker efficiency & energy conservation, along with Shopping malls and other luxurious amenities.

Landmark Entertainment City is another such dream project that is meant to change the landscape dynamic, value, and face of Kerala. A City made to create happiness which includes theme parks, residential areas, commercial spaces, shopping malls, theatres and more. All of these amazing projects currently being developed in the beloved city of Kozhikode thereby hails us to be the best builders in Kozhikode. The scope of our projects around Kerala is not only to build the concrete & artistic wonders, but it also aims to promote the regional infrastructure of our project.

Our aim is to bring development & opportunities along with us so that people around us reap the benefits of our achievements. Landmark not only builds up the state but also brings investment opportunities and a developmental scope with each of our project. We are a firm who believes in the collective development, and a corporate who believes in a social and moral responsibility to the society.

Message from the Management

ARUN KUMAR K.(Managing Director)

Landmark builders have been delivering world class living spaces across the best locations since 2005. With a competent quality of construction, futuristic design, adhering to ethical standards as well as transparent business practices & the exemplary standards of property maintenance; Landmark Builders stands out as the best choice in the real estate industry.


Landmark Builders brings the philosophy of innovation, sustainability & excellence to the real estate industry. Landmark has devoted themselves to a global vision - A vision to provide you with the best innovative projects, functionally efficient environments, sophisticated designs, and assurance of quality. A vision that has made us an unparalleled name in the realm of reality.

Our Mission

To incorporate the great practices of dominant players, create an out of the world landmark, be among the top 10 developers in India and become a billion-dollar company by 2040.

Our Vision

To transform the lifestyle by providing path-breaking solutions to make the world a better place to live.

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